暗殺スキルで異世界最強 ~錬金術と暗殺術を極めた俺は、世界を陰から支配する~

 暗殺スキルで異世界最強 ~錬金術と暗殺術を極めた俺は、世界を陰から支配する~
Late, an assassin with a mission completion rate of 99.9%, suddenly receives a request for assassination from an unfamiliar client.Surprisingly, the client was the goddess of another world, Mises, who had lost the battle and was being destroyed.The content of the request from Mises is the assassination of Masla Zul, the god of another world.The next assassination target of the strongest assassin Late is God of another world! ??

Other names:

Ansatsu Skill de Isekai Saikyou: Renkinjutsu to Ansatsujutsu o Kiwameta Ore wa, Sekai o Kage kara Shihai Suru, The Strongest in Another World with Assassination Skills - I, Who Has Mastered Alchemy and Assassination, Dominate the World from Behind, 暗殺スキルで異世界最強 ~錬金術と暗殺術を極めた俺は、世界を陰から支配する~


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